clean cuisine


bites that are filling, delicious and clean, grab them directly at your favorite spots. fresh and without plastic packaging. health food that keeps up with your cravings.


top cravings

juicy lucy

with apricots.. they're juicy!

oat, apricot, mixed nuts and seeds, honey, palm sugar, coconut oil, sea salt.

girl next door

for those who scrape out the peanut butter jar, late at night.

honey, coconut oil, cacao, dates, peanut, oat, sea salt.


an exotic holiday in your mouth.

peanut, oat, chocolate, honey, coconut, pecan, coconut oil, sea salt.

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in amsterdam

we shouldn't have to point out that every ingredient is natural and wherever possible ecologic and locally sourced, that should be the standard. so no sneaky additives and all handmade in a small kitchen right here in Amsterdam. made by jan, where he gets some help now and then from his mom and good friends.

and have some balls - no more plastics..

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